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I MUST do this. I love Selina, she`s one of my favorite villains, and I fell in love with AC`s design, the only big problem I think I`ll have is that EFFIN hexagonal fabric.. but I`ll do my best to sort that out cause this one needs to look perfect!

update dec/11: The boots arrived today and they are goooorgeous <3 The pattern for the bodysuit is done, well... I need to make the sleeves :P and the cowl, then comes the hard work.. sowing every piece together u.u I`m a bit worried because the seller who I was gonna buy the black matte vinyl ran out of it and doesnt know when he`s getting any more, and I haven`t been able to get the hexagonal fabric printed yet u.u I NEED TO CUT THIS NOW &gt;.<

new edit: the plain black parts of the suit are cut, I need to cut the cowl parts and gloves, then get the hexagonal fabric which I just keep delaying u.u I was gonna go for a matte black vinyl but ended up going for a shiny black lame fabric, cause though it looks more like a dark grey than black in game, when hit by light the fabric shines, plus it was easier to get the shiny than the matte one :P so there haha, problem solved!


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