Judge Magister Drace

Final Fantasy XII



Only just started this but I did say I was gonna make it didn't I, ehh. I plan on creating the Drace cosplay in time for Waicon 2012 which creates a whole new set of design criteria for that particular weekend. January is probably the hottest of any month in Australia and this years Waicon (2011) was painful because of the obscene humidity and extreme heat. It sucked even more cause I was in a giant fur lined bird suit... (moving on...)

So the amour has to not only be light weight and ridgid, but it also has to allow for heat and keeping the wearer cool. It has a lot of curves and soft lines that will make it a pain but I plan on using chicken wire for the base. Once molded to my shape it can then be built up with plaster to the appropriate size and shape.

I've already got the majority of the breastplate constructed and a few smaller sections finished however it's a long way from presentable yet so photos might be a while...


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Judge Magister Drace


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