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I've been cosplaying Wesker at nearly every convention I've gone to now, so it's time to update the costume. This'll fit in with my friend Nick's Chris Redfield(who I like to call Hulk 'Roidfield(seriously, look at him compared to Chris in the preceding Resident Evil games he's in, and you'll agree that sterioids must have played a factor...) cosplay, and our friend Steph's Jill(Battlesuit) stuff. Dale will be along for the ride as Barry...because, seriously, who doesn't love Barry?

I'm hoping to have the costume commissioned, so I, for once, won't be doing a lot of work in tracking stuff down, not to mention I can't sew to save my life(I haven't legitimately sewed anything more than patches and buttons, with the exception of my headband for Snake, since seventh grade. All that I'll have to do, aside from shelling out the cash for that, is buying, and likely modifying, some rain boots, and picking up a vertical shoulder holster in brown leather. Then I plan on building myself that wonderful Hydra(triple barrel shotgun), and if I have time, a Lightning Hawk(essentially a Desert Eagle), for the holster.

Update Apr 6: So I've locked in my commission with Lyn. Between the two of us, we couldn't find that accursed carbon fiber pattern in anything wearable. The pattern's predominantly used for vehicle upholstery, which would be too rigid for clothing, not to mention the material retains heat like crazy(so I've been told). It would be pretty cool to have the carbon fiber/kevlar weave to make the thing somewhat bullet-resistant, but I'd rather be comfy, not to mention I have absolutely no intention of needing ANYTHING of mine to be bullet-resistant... SO we decided on a leather pattern. The pattern is less of a concern to me than the way it reacts to light and flashes is, as well as the quality of the materials. There IS a coat, shirt, and pants available from China on eBay, but from what I've seen in photos, it looks somewhat cheap, in spite of the fact that the pattern is close. It looks too shiny and fake when a flash is involved on a camera, and I think I'm the only person at conventions who, when I'm taking photos, tries taking pictures without a flash. SO, I've ultimately decided to go with the slightly inaccurate, but higher quality, material, not to mention a, from what I've seen of her work, better seamstress who's going to put more care into the costume.

Update Apr 29: Everything is ordered and all but my commission is in. I ordered a pair of nice rain boots with a dull sheen, as his leather boots would likely have to be custom made, but the rubber ones looked so close that it was hard to pass up.

The shoulder holster proved to be more trouble than it should have. Wesker wears his holster in a horizontal fashion(as opposed to vertically-holstered), so that was necessary, and in spite of my efforts, I couldn't seem to find an adequate one in black leather for numerous reasons. However, luckily you only really see the holster when Wesker's coat is off, so it's something I'm not overly concerned with, and therefore settled on a Cordura one.

The gloves are short, tight, black leather gloves with the three ribs on the top of the hand. Pretty basic.

Since my hair is still growing back from when I was MacTavish(mohawk) a little over a month ago, I won't be able to use my own hair for Wesker, so I ordered a wig. I just need to get it cut and styled, and I'll be set.

The sunglasses are the ones I've always used; a pair of cheap Ironman(the brand, not the character) sunglasses from Target. They're not perfect for Wesker, as his are a little more squared up in Resident Evil 5, but they're so close that I'm comfortable with just using them.

The only other thing is the belt, which is just webbing with a plain old buckle. T'was simple.

The only thing I'm concerned about with this costume is getting the wig to look enough like real hair, but my aunt's been a hair stylist for over 25 years and owns her own shop. I'm confident that she'll be able to make it rock.


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