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Inspiration: It was impromptu - part of a joke actually. The costume was made by a friend and he just gave it to Robert because he won't wear it. He actually have never worn it yet. Robert on the other hand was still thinking if he will wear it. While we were preparing the costumes we would be bringing for the E-games domination, I tried on the mask and the suit. It fitted me and then Robert suggested I wear it. I think I was the first to wear this costume. ^_^ Also, I know there's an upcoming movie for this so there - I'm first. :) At least for the female version that is. hehe.

Favorite aspect: The mask, the shield, the belt -which was actually snake eyes' We just put the buckle from another belt bought in Divisoria.I just curled my hair for the vamp

A lot of people recognized me and was delighted to see the Captain walking around. I was even interviewed by Stanley Chi of Front Act the first few minutes I began roaming the venue. It seemed that a lot of people was a fan of the Captain and I'm glad I wore it because they truly appreciated it.

Hardest task/aspect: Well, I had to make the top in an instant because it was not really included. It wasn't for me in the first place.O.o Good thing there was extra fabric and I just took it to my sewer friend who did an amazing job on that tiny piece of left-over cloth. haha. It was suppose to be sexy so its okay.LOL. The boots killed my toes because the leather is still tough.Also, the shoe cover was done through the help of safety pins. The bottom was not yet sewn when Melvin gave it to Robert.I didn't want to sew it yet so that if Robert decides to wear it, it can still fit his shoes. My boots have heels so I had to improvise it but it still came out great.


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Character Captain America
Variant American Dream/girl version


Angeal this is an awesome costume just awesome!