Hikaru Koyama

Hinoi Team



Exact cost: 50.58 euros.

Making of process:

Hikaru is my favorite girl from Hinoi Team and I always look at her movements when I'm learning Hinoi Team routines. Hinoi Team are my favorite para-para dancers, althought they are now with their own careers.

This cosplay was really easy to make, and cheap without the wig xD. I bought a wig because I want to use it for a lot of cosplays I've done and I will do in the future.

I used the dark violet knit-silk fabric that left from Yuna's skirt, for Hikaru's skirt. It has three layers, because Hikaru's skirt has three flounces. I sewn loads of sequins in violet, silver and gold colors. I bought about 50 (they costed 1 cent of euro xD) but I didn't use them all. I bought 40 centimeters of golden elastic fabric for the top, and about 1 meter of violet small sequins for the top decorations. I also bought violet leather cord and three strings of golden false pearls for the lower part of the top. It was a bit annoying to sew the pearls to the cord, but I loved the result. I used some of the thin golden-yellow ribbons that were left over Rin Kagamine's cosplay to make the top straps. I also did two bracelets with the remaining fabric of the top, and I used yellow cross-stitch thread of my sister to decorate them.

I bought 30 centimeters of a violet fabric I love, which is called "Damasco" ("Damask" is what my dictionary says it means xD). It's a hard fabric, with flowers drawn in it in the same color, a bit embossed, 2.50 meters wide. The pity is that is easy for this fabric to get fretted and it's expensive. That's why I only bought 30 centimeters, it only costs 3 euro. But I have to make the boots in two parts, because the fabric width was small. I also used felt inside to make them stiff. They were medium high boots and could easily fall while I dance and walk.

I danced in a para-para contest with my friends Shinny, Humi and Yunny, with Night of Fire and Ike Ike songs, from Hinoi Team. We didn't won but we enjoy dancing para-para anyway.


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