Serra Angel

Magic: the Gathering



This Serra Angel was made to be competed as part of a 3-person group with fellow cosplayers Elendriel, Otakuneaomy, and myself at GenCon Indy 2010. I made both my cosplay and Otakuneaomy's, as well as the scabbards for all three of us.

Because we are in the professional division at GenCon, we were able to save ourselves some time by having certain parts of our cosplays commissioned. Everyone's wings were constructed by the awesome AVAAntares, the shields were construced by Tracy Munch, and the 6 swords (2 for each person) were bought and then sanded and hand painted by me. Each angel had a sheathed sword that only had detailing on the handle, and then each angel had a dominate sword with different detailing on the blade and the handle. It was a lot of work hauling 2 swords, a shield, and a pair of wings!

All armour for Otakuneaomy and myself is constructed from wonderflex. I used my knowledge from the SCA to make armour that moves realistically--so even though this is wonderflex, I used a combination of leather, coarse fabric strips, rivets, and chicago screws to create a comfortable fit. The gold detailing is all done with black puffy paint that I then painted over in Venetian Gold acrylic for the correct shade of gold. The armour is Shimmering Silver lightly antiqued with Gunmetal Grey. For the breastplate, I used a woman's fencing vest as a base and sanded it down/applied wonderflex directly on top.

Fabric: I hand-dyed white unitards from to a steely-grey color to wear underneath the armor. Gloves were brown leather gloves from Burlington Coat Factory. Skirts were made from a modified 1950's wedding dress pattern, and the colored script at the hemline was hand-drawn on fabric with heatbond afixed to the back. Each character was cut out individually and hand-applied. The leather pouches came off of Goodwill purses and were modified to slide onto the belts. The scabbards were made of heavy canvas and were hand-painted in Dark Chocolate acrylic.

What made the whole project difficult: this was my first time working with wonderflex...and my cousin, Otakuneaomy, was only present twice at my place to be measured/fitted. We had to do the last bit of assembly/fitting AT the con!!!!


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Series Magic: the Gathering
Character Serra Angel
Variant Greg Staples Artwork


pinoycosplay Wow. Serra Angel. I always loved my 4/4 attack/defense no tapping flying angels. These cosplay shots make me feel really nostalgic. You and your friends look absolutely AMAZING. just love you all so much. Thanks for bringing back fond memories. :-)

Sephirayne This is an awesome costume. Love the props and the wings.

fruitlove1 I am make a movie in April - June, I really need this costume in my film, can we talk about me using it in my film? Jay