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Despite this being the colours and style of Sophie Hatter from Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. I wanted to involve a few small things that inspired me from reading the book [which if anyone of you haven't PLEASE do so, it is soooooo gooooood] like the hair choice and some tiny detail.

The dress was made from using both a store bought pattern and one of my own. To get the gathered look on the skirt and shirt I instead decided to use elastic since I liked the way it gathered the fabric waaaay better. And also gave me room to squeeze into my dress and allow me to be flexible.

Underneath the dress I made Sophie's petite coat and bloomers, but of course you wouldn't see them!!! hahah.
The hat was a straw hat that I had sewn a ribbon on and big pink shinny beads. The buttons on the dress I decided to sew on as pearl since I believe as I read in the book her personality before Howl was... "I wanna try to be something else than what I am but, I just gotta go with my life I was born with." So the pearls are her way of 'trying'

The wig choice I chose being closer to red than brown like in the movie is because, in the book...Sophie has red hair~! And her dress is grey instead of am VERY tempted to make her grey dress hahahah.

I had a Howl with me and her outfit was amazing~! The Calcifur however with her was my creation so I will do my little explanation here!
To make Calcufur, I put a tea candle in the center of a cut piece of yellow cellophane. [In fact I used 3 colours of Cellophane, red, orange, and yellow] And I hot glued it together, repeating the process with the other colours of cellophane before going with paint and painting Calcifur's face on. Flick on the switch and tada~!!! Calicfur lights up and flickers like a flame~
Be sure to trim parts of the cellophane to look like a flame.


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Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Sophie Hatter


SuWan @ Megancia: I scoured Ebay for the hat and added my own ribbon and then my own beading~, as for the shoes, they were a pair I was fortunate to find in a local store.

megancia where did you find all the cosplay?! I am having the hardest time finding the hat and shoes...