Princess Leia

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi



Princess Leia is part of why I fell in love with Star Wars. She was my childhood idol, and ever since then, I have loved this outfit. I always knew if I ever got around to making a Leia outfit, it would be this one. It's simple, and was easy to put together (about six hours of work), but it's also REALLY easy to get this wrong, imho. You can lost in the simplicity and miss the details, like the french seam type edging on the sleeves, or the subtle texture and colour changes of the dress material vs. the belt vs. the lacing, etc. I feel like this dress is very true to the original. I need to tinker with the hem, but otherwise, this is actually one of my personal favourites.

And the hair is all mine. The braiding is a PAIN to do, but it looks great.

Oh, and the first time I wore this was before I had my second child. So, wearing it at Comicon when she was 4 months old I felt that I was slightly to...errm.. busty for Leia.


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Series Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Character Princess Leia
Variant Ewok Village Dress


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