The Condesce




The Condesce has lived for ages, so I took that as sufficient justification to rig up something from her earlier years. Sure, aliens also had Versailles court dress. Why not.

This is a saque-back overgown of black cotton lace, with the underskirt of poly faille. I made the trim. Her crown is a piece of hammered brass I re-shaped. She's got pocket hoops under the skit but I'm tired of how they migrate and have to be re-fluffed every time you sit down; next wearing will probably involve a short hoop cage or just a couple of pillows and a ribbon.


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Homestuck
Character The Condesce
Variant Historical


ziggyindrag You are still my favorite Condy cosplayer~

littleophelia This. Is. Awesome.