Professor Voxx

Harry Potter

I decided to do an Original Character cosplay for the first time. I adore HP ever since I read the first book when it came out when I was 11 and that has followed me into adulthood. I love lolita style so I thought I'd mix the two. ♥
I still haven't quite figured out what exactly I'd be teaching... Maybe I'm a substitute that just hangs out in the Library *or Snapes office...* until I'm needed. That'd be a pretty awesome job.

The outfit consists of:
Bodyline blouse
English Charm skirt
Timeless Trends corset
Demonia boots
Malco Modes petti
lacy cheap tights from Target
Death Eater ring - bought on ebay
and the rest is handmade.

The hat I made is pretty much just cardboard and felt ^.^
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Series Harry Potter
Character Professor Voxx

KoalaKidd This is beautiful! I love that you made something so fantastic from cardboard and felt :)

patriciarakel It turned out so amazing. I'm seriously jealous. It looks great. :)