Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles




Story behind this costume: one of my friends loved Fai, I love cosplaying as characters anti to him, so yeah. Vinyl is a BITCH and a half to work with.

I am so, so not man enough to cosplay Kuorgane. But I did anyway. Because he's sexy.

The bulk of the costume was commissioned from cosplay1.com. I made the boot covers, wrist guards, and shoulder guard. I plan on redoing the boots and wrist guards to allow more movement. The costume as-is is pretty restricting.

The wig is the Jett from Arda in Black, styled with Got2be Freeze Spray in upward spikes.

I probably need more eye make-up to get Kuro's smoldering glare down. ^^;


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Character Kurogane


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