Patty Thompson

Soul Eater



This cosplay sprung from Mizu's idea to be Liz. Deciding that she needed a little sister and that I was the right height I was dubbed to be Patty. Now that happened before I watched Soul Eater, so when I got home I watched it and I was like, "She's act just like me..." and I ended loving Patty cause she is just so rediculous.
The whole thing was thrifted:
Top: Altered t-shirt
Shorts: Used to be my dad's pants.
Hat: Bought and Altered, in depth description here:
Wig: It's actually my Larxene wig because the one I ordered didn't come in in time. Now that the new one is in I'm still gonna have to get a new one because I don't want to cut this one.


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Series Soul Eater
Character Patty Thompson


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