Rei Miyamoto

Highschool of the Dead



This costume was a blast to wear and make. (Big thanks to my mother for helping me and my friend make the uniforms!)
The top was made out of a baggy old white shirt that I hadn't worn in forever (which kind of explains why it makes me look bigger). The dress of course was made using a cheerleader pattern.
Oh yeah! And the Sojustu rod was found in a Big Lots store I believe. We bought a cheap rake and before the thing even got to the check-out counter, the darn thing fell apart. xD

Rei's wig though was the most challenging thing to do. Still was the most rewarding and I'm very VERY proud of how it turned out. I used aluminum wire and sewed it into the wig cap. Then I took some hair from the wig and twisted it around the wire while using Got2BGlued (<<<<THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!). Then as I cut the wig and styled it, I gathered some of the long strands that were cut off and basically did the same thing again to the antennas to make them look bigger. I absolutely love this wig!!!


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Series Highschool of the Dead
Character Rei Miyamoto


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