Aayla Secura

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones



Currectly accepted by Rebel Legion

This is my first Jedi costume.

I raided GoodWill and Cause for Paws for this costume. I started with a pair of Wilson's Leather pants from a thrift store for $15. It was painful to cut into them, but they were inexpensive good-quality leather and the wrong size for me anyway. It made enough leather to make accents, helmet, head straps and bra top. I found the boots on Ebay. I found a long-sleeved top for $3 that I cut one sleeve off of, hand painted with brown fabric paint and hemmed to fit. The shirt and bra top closes under the right arm with velcro, and are separate pieces for simplicity and movement range.

Color is liquid Ben Nye turquoise, diluted with just a bit of white to match my fabric lekku.

The Lekku and ear cups are lyrca. The fabric was hand dyed (twice) to get the right color and decorated on top with a lighter colored fabric paint which makes for good skin color variation. I added a fake belly button to the modesty.

The belt is made out of a strip of vinyl and will hopefully be replaced with leather in the future. The belt 'mudflaps' were made with pieces of vinyl and an alligator texture handbag that I destroyed.

The robe is made of linen/cotton and drapes to just under ankle length.


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Series Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Character Aayla Secura


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