Princess Stella

Winx Club



We all did a hybrid of the show (the wings and hair) and the promotional artwork (the outfits and jewelry) and we all added glitter... so much glitter...
Growing up, I watched Winx Club every Saturday morning at 7:30am on the Fox Box. I found fellow cosplay friends who shared the same love of the show with me. We wanted to create a realistic variation rather than somthing cartoonish looking (e.g. the fabric choices). We commissioned our wings from Whimsy Everlasting since we wanted irridecent wings that had curvature. Our wing maker did an excellent job with the colors, structure and overall appearence!
We decided to go with Enchantix (Enchantix is best transformation!) Stella's Enchantix is my favorite next to Musa's, so I went with her.
I brought along a pink ribbon to compensate for not having the Ring of Solaria with me.


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Series Winx Club
Character Princess Stella
Variant Enchantix


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