Ciel Phantomhive (Volume 6 Cover)

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

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Ciel has so many incredibly beautiful outfits. :D This one is no different. I ended up selecting gabardine for the outer layer, then black satin for the ruffles, because I liked the shine of the satin against the duller luster of the gabardine. As for the cuffs of the pants, lapels and jacket, I happened to have a rose-patterned black brocade. Since was doing black on black on more black, I figured the play of pattern, texture and luster would be kinda interesting. The back initially hung as a plain train, but I didn't care for the fabric to drag on the ground, so I ended up bustling it and adding small, crystal beads to the back.

This is probably my most complete Ciel cosplay...and one I want to remake because I really, really, don't care for the tailoring of the jacket. >_> I didn't account for the pull of the train when I made it.
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Series Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Character Ciel Phantomhive (Volume 6 Cover)
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