Pinkie Pie

My Little Pony



Quick dress I put together for Con-G, the bodice is lined with really nice pink matte satin, and the skirt is just 3 rectangles all gathered together. The balloons are 3D fabric paint that I applied very incorrectly and they will be tacky forever. Whoops. I want to remake the skirt portion completely.
The little jacket is just some nice er..material (no idea what kind!) sewed from a bolero pattern.
I made it a month before the con, and I lost weight, so that's why it looks so loose OTL.
The wig is the Happy Party Giggle Song from Five Wits =3 Best Pinkie Pie wig ever!


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Series My Little Pony
Character Pinkie Pie


Ammie Awww so adorable! The dress looks wonderful! I totally love Five Wits wigs!