Kaoru Kamiya

Rurouni Kenshin



This was another dream cosplay! Jonathan was Kenshin Himura, Sean was Sanosuke Sagara and Sky was Misao Makimachi! We took the photos at the Shinzen Japanese Gardens in Fresno, California.

Costume breakdown! I had the shoes from ages ago, I think my mom got them at a yard sale when I was just a little kid. We ordered the tabi socks off of eBay. I made the dickie, kimono and obi from a Simplicity pattern. The dickie, kimono lining and obi I made from bed sheets I found at a thrift store. The rope around the obi was was from a curtain rope. The stuffing in the obi pillow was another gutter thrift store throw pillow, lol. The wig we won from the USA Wig competition, and I found the hair ribbon at a thrift store as a scarf. The parasol I also got a yard sale ages ago.

I really like the way these photos came out! Hope you guys like! ^_^


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Character Kaoru Kamiya


Narnian Gorgeous cosplay! The photos are superb! You always do such a great job!