Lina Inverse

Slayers NEXT



Costume made for my group.
We decided to do something like in 'old times' and also we cheesed the series which every oldfag fan of M&A will recognise. We also decided in group who will be who according to our body shape and character. I must admit that I'm not really suprised that they choosed me to be Lina, cause she was my favourite character from the kidultery times.
This also pushed me to do fiev other costumes (two lovely one arts *_*).

Fiew thing need to be redone in the costume- panties, green bulbs from the shoes and gloves, bith of the bracelets, the brooch and the most important- the pauldrons ;___;

But I'm really happy how it all worked out in the end and how comfy the costume was <3


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Series Slayers NEXT
Character Lina Inverse


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