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I must say: Never in a /million/ years did I think I would end up cosplaying Belgium in anyway, and yet here I am. …I blame Himaruya for coming up with such adorable designs. :|

Basically, I was reading the Hetaween event last year as it was going on and by the time it was all over, I couldn't help but keep thinking how downright ADORABLE Belgium's outfit was. That, along with the fact that I have a friend who cosplays Spain, and said she would totally do Hunter!Spain... that's pretty much what set it in stone.

Then, despite it being about only 3 months before Megacon when I decided this, I told my friend that I kind of wanted to do the outfit for that con, and that was that. XD; She was debuted the Friday of Megacon 2012.

Anyway, there are actually 6 pieces to this costume but I only have 5 at the moment. The hooded cape, blouse, apron, patchwork skirt, underskirt and bloomers are all the items. The one I wasn't able to get around to making for Megacon was the bloomers. But hopefully I'll have them in the future if/when I wear her again.

I made the hood, apron, skirt and underskirt (petticoat) for this. I bought the blouse online though. I didn't feel like making one, nor did I have time. ^^; But I have to say that the patchwork skirt is my pride and joy of this outfit. I’m SO happy with how it came out and I think all the work I put into it was worth completely it. I kind of wish it was more visible, but oh well.

There are a few details missing still (aside from just the bloomers) but hopefully those will be there next time she gets worn. I did enjoy cosplaying Belgium, but it was even better because I had a hunter!Spain to cosplay with. :3

With any luck, in the future I know some people who may do Grandmano and Wolf!Netherlands and who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get some pictures with them if they want and wouldn’t mind.


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