Claudia Wolf

Silent Hill 3



The coat and dress for this costume were made of Blue/Black wool. The pattern I used was from Simplicity, with quite a few alteration. I altered the fit of the jacket in the waist because Claudia's silhouette was really important to me. The jacket is fully lined. The cuffs were of my own design because they kinda look like sports coat cuffs, but exactly. The collar was also altered to stick straight up.

I did not digitally take out my eyebrows for this costume, neither did I shave them. They eyebrows are layer upon layer of Waterproof Glue Stick. Yes, the stuff that costs about 99 cents. I used an eyebrown comb and some glue at first to make my eyebrows go up, to make them flat. Then over the period of an hour I slowly added layer, upon layer, with powder foundation in-between, to make my eyebrows disappear. I then used a lighter shade for my entire face and added some contouring and age marks to make my features no severe. Grr... scary browless lady.

The wig is a Matilda from Arda Wigs in Ash Blonde. Ever since I started working for Arda I saw this color and I thought it would be perfect for Claudia. I had to straighten the Matilda and trim it a little. I made a tutorial on how to straighten a heat resistant wig here:

After styling I put the wig on normally and attached it using lace front tape. In the future I would like to use Spirit Glue for a more realistic look up close, but the tape was nice for a convention setting because it didn't pull at my skin as much and it was much easier to take off after wearing all day.


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Character Claudia Wolf


Laufey looks great ^^