Kotoko Fujioka

Ouran High School Host Club



The outermost pink is made from Silk Satin, the hem on the skirt is a rolled hem hand sewn with a blind stitch (so is the light pink train on the hat.) The front panel of the bodice and the berry red skirt layer are made out of Utra Suede. The creme underskirt is made out of brocade. My patterns were hand drafted, except the sleeves. I stole those from an early 80's McCalls pattern! I made the hat/crown out of 2 florist foam rings and the top to a CD spindle! Fortunately I didn't have to dye the ostridge plumes, because I haven't a clue how! The skirt train extends 2 1/2 feet behind me and the hat train goes nearly four feet behind me. Needless to say, I have to be very careful in crowds. The bustle is made of sprung steel boning, tiny bolts, ribbon, and several dead drill bits. The pearls on the skirt are an extra detail I added to the design to make it more true to the historical Venetian Carnival look.


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Character Kotoko Fujioka


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