Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt



I did a lot of remaking on this cosplay, and entered into ACen's masq with my friend Risana as my Kneesocks. We won "Best Group"! :D

And now I've got pictures to show off! MWAH HA HA!

The new blazer is a Burda Style pattern for a double-breasted jacket. The pattern was preeeetty bad though. Really confusing and the collar was not made very well. If I find a better pattern in the future, I may make another version of this jacket.

I reused my skirt (still M3830, which is pretty versatile if you're looking for a fitted skirt pattern). Got a new dress shirt from Goodwill, tie is from eBay, and the shoes are from JCPenney.

The guns are made from rigid insulation foam. The pieces were cut out using my scroll saw then glued together with foam glue. There are some craft foam pieces on the sides. I put on a lot of layers of Mod Podge to seal it, primed it with grey spray paint primer, then painted it flat black with spray paint. The details are all in acrylic "Inca Gold" paint to match Risana's gold on her scythes.

I also got some new sfx stuff. The ears are unpainted ones from Aradani Studios that I painted with RMG paint in Red. I also got some crazy false eyelashes that looked like Scanty's. (They're one of my favorite parts of this costume.)

Still using the same paint as last time. I painted my hands, wrists, face, and neck with Mehron paint in Red. For my legs, I just used some red opaque tights from Sock Dreams. Fangs are Scarecrow brand "subtle fangs". The contacts are DollyEye in brown.

New wig is Luthien in Mint from Arda. I cut, razored, then used Got2Be Glued to style the bangs and side pieces. (Just like last time!)


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