As an avid fan of Hyung Tae Kim's designs, I decided to cosplay Juto after having his concept art linger in my "to cosplay" folder for a while. I played Magna Carta 2 and although it's not the greatest thing to be honest, I still wanted to attempt the costume.

The most time consuming aspect was all the leg armour. It's primarily wire mesh and craft foam with model magic and random supplies to build up. The calved zip up at the back which is a hot glued on fabric piece since there was little other way I could attach it. The thigh pieces were all separate but I connected them all to a bent wire to keep the rounded shape and they're clipped onto the chaps.

The vest is pretty obvious...poorly sewn because I always feel the need to use terrible vinyl crap for sewing rather than a nice fabric. All the checkers on the vest and chaps are hand painted.

The arm armour is again craft foam and wire mesh with velcro/snap attachment.

The sword and arm shield are insulation foam board cut and sanded then coated and painted.


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MangaFreak150 oh my gosh you two are amazing!