Xing Cai

Dynasty Warriors 6

This year's dream project and finally it's doneeee. It's still not perfect,though. But i'll always make improvements for my costume specially to my weapons. I won't retire this costume,you see XD

Actually i never though would do Xing Cai until March 2011,i even barely know about Dynasty Warriors! One day,i was asked by a friend to do a challenging costume for cosplay video documentary. Then i though maybe i'll do Vaan,since i was planning to do Vaan with my partner as Penelo. But then she didn't agree with me and offered DW7 character designs. I can say that i was in love at first sight to Xing Cai's design. But then i think again 'i barely know this character,i can't do it,i afraid will soil the integrity of this character' after days of hesitation,i search details of her,join forums,but still not yet play the game ;_; i don't own ps3 sobs ;-; then somedays later after learn about her and Shu, i completely love with her,Shu,and DW7 \*_*/ now you may say i'm a DW fantard hahaha XD DW7 is reaalllly amazing and i love Shu the most!

About the costume itself,i began to hunt the fabric since late April. For Xing Cai's dress,i chose silk satin,but when i try to sew it,i realized silk satin is a wrong choice. It's too soft and i even can't do the painting on it. Then i bought tosca colored cotton,but then again,the fabric is too plain for xing cai although it's pretty easy to sew 8'D andddd finally,when i was going for fabric hunting for the 3rd time,i found rich textured fabric and even it has same color with xing cai! I was sooo happy 8'DD but stupid me,i forgot what's the name of the fabric 8'D

i used acrylic paint for the painting on the dress, silver leather as the replacement for bias tape, half-bust manequinn for the basic of my breastarmor, creativefoam for shoulderpad (and for armpiece and kneepad too), and cat fur for the headdress.

And the weapons, basically i used aluminium pole and then cover it with hardboard until it shaped like sword. Then for the details,i used creative foam again. When the sword's done, i painted it in black the sprayed it with light silver.

As for the shield,i used thin plat of fiber for the basic and attached layers of creative foam to cover the fiber plat. For the details,i used creative foam again,then painted it in black and sprayed it with silver again.

It's really challenging yet fun to do Xing Cai ^^ i'll back for more DW7 cosplays! I'll do Liu Shan and Sun Shang Xiang for the next. Wish me luck! XD

Here's my blog about Xing Cai Cosplay Progress please take a look!
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Series Dynasty Warriors 6
Character Xing Cai

AceySpacey Very beautifully done!

Cheetos This is so lovely! The armor is wonderful and you really suit Xing Cai!

katdawg14 This is so amazing! :D I'm thinking of making this did you do the detailing on the shoulder armour??