Final Fantasy VIII



I've been a Final Fantasy VIII fan for years and I learned so much from making this costume! It pushed me into new areas and let me experiment with materials I hadn't tried before.

The wig from hell has since been replaced, and I'm looking forward to getting some better photos with it.

There are lots of repairs I'd like to make, including a complete remodelling of the horns and shortening the wings. One word: stairs! ;)

Update, October 2011
I was very proud to represent Ireland at EuroCosplay 2011 at MCM London Expo with this costume! New wig, new horns, new shoes ;) Pictures to follow.


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Ultimecia


Liliana WOW! You are an excellent Ultimecia!!! *___* I love it! You look totally amazing!

Akade OH GOD THAT IS SO COOL! *_* you look so beautiful~ Great job ^_^