Terra Branford

Final Fantasy VI



I actually remade this costume after the first time I wore it so it looks even better. Here's a break down:

Wig - I bought a long green wig off of eBay. I styled the bangs too many times to count until they equated to how Terra's big poofy anime bangs are. I used drugstore hairspray and held them with my fingers to style, then blow dried them to stay up. The clips were made out of clay I bought from Michael's, molded over a cutout of a notecard for an even edging. Rope and beads were hotglued after, along with barrette clips to place them in the wig. The ponytail holders are two thick ribbons with frayed edging sewn onto the bottom (the gold).

Shoulders - Two embriodery circle things I bought from Joann Fabrics, covered in purple fabric, and trimmed with gold cording also bought there. Then they were ironed (over the fabric) so they were hot and bendable. Followed by me forming them like a hot dog bun and holding them in the freezer so they molded that way. They also have tiny elastic underneath glued on that I can slip my arms in to keep this shape. There is a plastic line safety pinned across the back and clipped to the inside that keeps them upright and straight. The bead necklace is attached on a string that connects to two buttons underneath the shoulders.

Dress - Bought on clearance from DEB followed by sewing the flower trimming across the top and the gold fringe across the bottom.

Arm things - Bought off of Etsy, Sewed the same flower trimming on the top.

Cape - Made three capes with the costume until I was satisfied (and I'm still not since it wouldn't dip dye correctly so it's just plain). Added the trim to the bottom. The rest is safety pinned into my shoulders and dress to keep it slightly draped over my shoulders and across my back completely.

Shoes - fake leather boots bought from a thrift store for $2.50! Painted over with acrylic paint.

Everything else - the earrings are from eBay, the belt is a piece of fabric tied and knotted lol.

photos by https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


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Series Final Fantasy VI
Character Terra Branford
Variant Sprite form


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