Marshall Lee

Adventure Time



I've enjoyed the seires Adventure Time since it first came out, but there was honeslty no one who I could/felt like cosplaying. Shortly after Fionna and Cake first appreaded, a friend started to cosplay her. So months later I threw together a Marshall Lee. (The make up was such a pain)
Retired-Somewhat retired, I still have all the clothing for it, I just really dont want to do that kind of make up ever again.


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Series Adventure Time
Character Marshall Lee


AnimeLuxray25 I say you did really good with the body paint. :3

AlaizabelCray I love when people do cosplays from this episode of Adventure Time! I know you say the makeup was a pain, but you still did an awesome job with it! :D

Kid-Krazi Hooray for Marshall Lee!! C: you guys look awesome

WondererBailey What a great job! This was actually one of the only episodes of Adventure Time I'd seen all the way through and really enjoyed it! Been meaning to go back and watch it from the beginning....but anyway, great job!

~H~ I know what you mean about the makeup being a pain....but you do pull it off very well ^_^. Kudos!

Kaitlyn Meakin I know nothing about this series but these pictures are too sweet.

LinkPwnsGanon Love your Marshall cosplay! :D