Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic



This is probably one of the most involved costumes I've made to date - I worked hard to make this costume as beautiful as I could! Every single piece was made from scratch by me and then fancied up from the original design, so if you glance at the photos, you can tell that there are several details that I added that are not part of Sinbad's anime/manga design.

On top of wanting to be meticulously detailed with this costume, I also was very pressed for time. So I had a little help - the wig was trimmed by my cosplay partner at the time, who also made me the bracelets out of Worbla. My sister helped me finish my sword in time, but all the other jewelry was also handmade by me.

My darling pet parrots also helped a little bit - I collect their feathers as they naturally drop them, so I made the decoration on the front of the turban out of their feathers! Only one non-parrot feather was used - one bought peacock feather.


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Series Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
Character Sinbad


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