Wicked Lady/Black Lady

Sailor Moon



All of the fabrics are from the Casa Collection at Joanns! The black is just the regular casa satin, and the red, blue, and pink are all taffeta. My shirt pattern was from McCall, M6650 and the dress is Butterick, B5761. They were both easy, easy patterns which was nice! I altered the pattern of the dress to have the side slits to the mid-thigh. I sandwiched the blue fabric between the seam. Originally I was going to alter the length, but I decided I liked the blue to be long and flowy! The scarf was two yards of fabric that I cut in half and then sewed together to make a super-long scarf. All of the hems on the costume are doubled so that there are no raw edges showing between the side slits and so the chiffon looks neat. The gems I picked up in a pack at Michael's, and hot glued them on to the wrist and neck cuffs. Shoes were a lucky find at Payless a few months ago and were surprisingly comfortable. My black moon symbol was model magic that I spirit gummed to my face.

The wig started out as a Chibi from Arda Wigs in Bubblegum Pink. First off, I had my boyfriend help me re-do the pigtails so that they were higher up. This was probably the hardest part, haha. Arda's wigs are so thick it's hard to get all the hair! After the pigtails were re-tied I stubbed them (a very scary moment). To make the odangos, I hollowed out a styrofoam egg and then used the hair left over from stubbing the pigtails to cover the styrofoam. A lot of hot glue and patience went into this, you have to work in very small pieces to prevent loose hairs. For the long pigtails, I sewed together a pack of long wefts from Arda and hot glued the wefts on underneath the stub (I tried sewing them on but the top had just become too thick from folding the wefts together so many times). Finally, I took my odangos and used a lot of hot glue (and my tears. just kidding.) to attach them on top of my stub. This was my first big wig project EVER, I know there are things that are off or could have been done better but for a first time I'm really pleased. I have to give a huge thanks to AntiquityDreams for her Sailor Moon Wig tutorial on Youtube and Heza-Chan's Chibi Moon wig tutorial, or else I would not have been able to do this at all.


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