Monokuma & Usami (Monomi)

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

I had a dream last night that I was at Anime Expo and while I was cosplaying as Chiaki I had my little nephew and my little niece with me but they were cosplaying as Monokuma and Usami(Monomi)! I have this thing that sometimes I dream about what happens in the future sooooo looks like I'm gonna have to make them this and they're excited!!! It might not go exactly to this same design but close to it! Might have Usami in a skirt :)
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Created 5 years ago
Series Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Character Monokuma & Usami (Monomi)

Hinote_Ichimaru Can't wait to see this! it'll be so cute!

AnimeLuxray25 That would be really awesome!

momoiru1994 i want to see this!! <33

KitoCosplay Always nice to see someone bring an idea to fruition from a dream. I've done that a few times myself ^_^

Randommerade This idea is great! I had a dream about cosplaying Navi once and you see how that turned out :P So go for it! :D

Maurishio-kun Wow, this cosplay duo is something I must see!! :D

~H~ I completely adore this idea!!!

Shana05 I've also had dreams about cosplaying certain characters but I never made those real. This will be really cute.