Mightyena (shiny)




I've always been a fan of all canine-like Pokémon since I was a kid. The idea to do a gijinka of shiny Mightyena was really spontaneous – I wanted something new for my next con and was really short on time, as always. I started thinking if there was any Pokémon gijinka that I could do with stuff that I already had (my typical con crunch gijinka recipe xD) and my requirement was bright blue eyes, because I had some fancy lenses that I really wanted to wear out.
I quickly realized that shiny Mightyena was possible and didn't need to think twice about it since Mightyena is one of my gen 3 favorites anyway!

The kimono is a real vintage piece, I made the ears and the leather bracer. The rest are sourced from my previous costumes.


I've worn Espeon to:
2018 • Okamicon in Sundsvall, Sweden.


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Series Pokémon
Character Mightyena (shiny)
Variant Gijinka


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