Uryuu Ishida




I've known about Bleach for the longest time and have seen a couple episodes a long time ago, but never showed enough interest to actually watch the show until recently.

I've always kinda found Uryuu cute, but for some reason never got around to watching Bleach back then, think I was waiting for the hype to die down.

Once I finally got into Bleach, and found out that Uryuu is a lot like me, I immediately knew he was my favorite character.

I debuted his school uniform at Fanime 2018 because I needed a last costume to wear and I had pretty much everything for his uniform, I just had to do a couple minor things to finish the cosplay. I was also already bringing the majority of the outfit to the con, so I decided on him as my last costume.


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Series Bleach
Character Uryuu Ishida
Variant School Uniform


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