Wild Tiger

Tiger & Bunny



Photos of my Wild Tiger cosplay from the anime Tiger & Bunny The base outfit was created originally Cos Monde with parts modified or substituted. I dyed the shirt to be more green, the mask was created by blarg props. I am currently on ver. 3 I have gone through: 2 wigs 3 shoes( one with fabric glued to it, one that was painted, then finally the official ones) 2 call bracelets (one made from craft foam and velcro then to the slap bracelet one) 2 watches 2 beads 5 sets of beards (1 drawn with makeup, 1 made out of fake mustaches, then 3 sets made from wig extensions, a bald cap, and glue)

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Last Updated 3 years ago
Created 3 years ago
Series Tiger & Bunny
Character Wild Tiger
Variant Wild Tiger Civilian Clothes


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