purpleoctocos as Kotone Shiomi/FeMC

Kotone Shiomi/FeMC

Persona 3 Portable

Gekkoukan Winter Uniform [F]

Cosplayer: purpleoctocos
This is a cosplay that I had been wanting to do for a while now. I started her in August 2019 and finally managed to complete her in November of 2022!

Since I have no sewing experience, most of this costume is pre-made. I’ll list most of the parts and where I got them from below:
• [Wig]: EZCosplay
• [Main Outfit + Holster]: FMAnime
• [Evoker]: BoostedProps
• [Headphones + Hair Pins + Lanyard]: Amazon
• [MP3 Player + Shoes]: EBay
• [Face Mask]: Otaku Inc. on TeePublic