Firo Prochainezo




Firo is one of my few bought costumes. Or more so... 'Found Item' costumes?

I found the suit in my college's costume shop storage. It pretty much fit me perfectly AND the inside had a tag with the name of who it was made for and we had the same initials AND last name. So weird.

Originally when I wore the costume I borrowed a wig and didn't have a hat or shoes. Over the course of the year I bought a period appropriate hat online, was given some period appropriate suspenders by Bonk, bought two different wigs before I got the one I have now and went thrift shopping forever for the shoes.

The hardest part of the costume is the Genderbending Make-Up. I'm not too good at it yet, but its a wonderful costume I plan on wearing out, so I'll get it in time.


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Series Baccano!
Character Firo Prochainezo


carrousel so i just finished this series on thanksgiving, and i can now truly appreciate how awesome your costume- and your whole groups costumes really are! this is such a great show, and you guys did really fantastic!

ametheneko Your Firo is sooo adorable. And really well done. I can't get over it. Great job!!