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I keep forgetting to put up new costumes...which means, of course, this costume is actually pretty old now.

This was done as a surprise for a really good friend, Avianna, to match her Rosemary costume. Her outfiit was adorable, and she put a lot of work in!

I had three days to do mine from start to finish. I knew I wasn't going to get done the costume I wanted for Youmacon so I started on this one the Monday before the convention. Patterned the vest, white shirt, and hat, then bought materials. Spent the next two days putting those together--I'm particularly proud of the hat!

Things I cheated on:
-I bought pants, then sewed the vest material to the bottom.
-I didn't hem the white shirt, I just bought material that didn't fray. I feel I can get away with this since they're supposed to be poor kids living on their own.
-Used Harry Potter goggles for the glasses, painted insets to put in them for the 'mirror' effect, and cut out a foam bunny.

Things I'm proud of:
-I used giant zippers for the bracelets!
-I covered a button for the first time, so the hat is all the same fabric, and each strip is inset--I actually wear the bugger around normally.
-my foam bunny.


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