Original - Earth Fairy


This was made waaaay back in '06 when I was only in middle school!

I had no sewing experience at this point so I obliterated a wedding dress from the thrift store and by now the lace and remnants have been included in several of my other cosplays in some way, shape or form. [..And there's still pieces lingering! Watch they'll end up in a future cosplay somehow! xD ]

The only actual sewing is on the sleeve, brown straps and the skirt where I had to take it in.
Everything else is either glued(leaves), hand-painted(lace outlines) or spray-painted. Which mind you, is not only the whole dress. Oh no, it is also the shoes xDD~ It's so ghetto but I like the uneven effect it gave.

Cant believe it took me five years to get decent pictures of it OTL

Also, Im not trained in ballet .__. So Im sorry if my form is completely wrong or something. (Yes, I know the dangers of going en pointe, I practiced a lot beforehand and never stay up long. I know this is still very dangerous but I dont mind taking the risk.:) Thats just my decision.)
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Narnian Gorgeous!

Kiandra So accurate!! You look so beautiful in this one n_n