Silent Hill Nurse

Silent Hill 2



This was my first big project and I am soo happy with how it turned out! Unfortunately by the end of the night the mask was pretty much destroyed by taking it on and off so much, but I wouldn't necessarily call this costume "retired" because I would do it again in a heartbeat. :)


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Series Silent Hill 2
Character Silent Hill Nurse


Ennellekay I am sorry for my epic response time failure, I should really check this page more! The foundation of the mask was a white masquerade mask and (no joke) a plastic bag. I wore a plastic bag on my head with the masquerade mask on top of it and had a friend paper mache strips of cloth bandage around my head. The foundation was just fine, but the strips were falling off all over the place by the end of the night. I probably would have reinforced them with rubber cement or some other adhesive as well just to be sure they wouldn't fall off again! Hope that helps :)

Wingeddeath243 Mind if i ask what you made the mask out of if it got destroyed D:?