Arwen Undomiel

The Lord of the Rings



This dress is made in cooperation with a dear friend of mine. He has a passion for fashion design and has turned this talent into a career as tailor and costume designer.

The dress consists of two separate dresses which are sewn together at the neckline.

The underdress is made of midnight blue silk jersey, red paisley cotton fabric, red silk velvet and red taffeta. The pattern of the lower sleeves is a half circle, they are overlong and lined with red taffeta. The neckline and lower edge of the upper sleeves are decorated with a brass-colored beaded lace trim. At the neckline, the trim is underlaid with a facing of red paisley fabric. Due to the stretchy jersey, the dress doesn’t need any closure.

The sleeveless overdress is made of midnight blue silk velvet. The dress is just slightly fitted, so it doesn’t require any bust darts or other fitting seams. The neckline and shoulder straps are made of a band of red paisley cotton fabric. The gown is overlong, has a small train and closes in the back with an invisible zipper.

As accessory, I carry a leather covered edition of the book “Lord of the Rings” with me.


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Series The Lord of the Rings
Character Arwen Undómiel
Variant Blood red dress


Stjarna This recreation of Arwen's dress is amazing. I really like it.

Idelle This is absolutely beautiful - I love your choice of fabric. :)

Xaljira This is so beautifully elegant - I love it!

Yuki__Eiri The costume is so amazing!

Narnian Gorgeous!

silent_dreaming Another stunning recreation! You truly have a wonderful talent!

Little Raven very beautiful, mohmoh, as always!

A Grue Gorgeous!