Princess Tomoyo

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



PHEW BOY. this costume at first was REALLY rushed. Technically I have v1 and v2.

purple fabric is costume satin (i know I know but the color is REALLY beautiful and I think it fit for her character) and the white fabric is casa satin. I used a circle skirt pattern for the the skirt and used simplicity 4080 for the kimono parts, but altered the sleeves for the top white layer.

For the purple sleeves, v1 i made it too big and used interfacing which didn't keep it up, so for v2 I made the design smaller and then used craft foam on the inside, which held up REALLY well :)

For the design I used freezer paper to make the stencil and jacquard textile white and black for the paint.

For the headdress I used foam board both times. For v1, I used real hair for the buns in the back, but I didn't like how it looked, So for v2 I made it out of thick foam board and painted it gold (like in the image). For v1, for the dangles I used craft foam, for the 2nd part I used thick paper, which worked out A LOT better and took less time.

I took some creative things from both the anime version (like the front parts for version 2) and I made the color darker than the anime version.

After izumicon (only my 2nd time wearing it) things kept breaking off, I got blood on my front part and on my sleeves. So i'm going to give up and retire it with an award in my pocket :) I'm definitely going to do more versions of Tomoyo.


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Princess Tomoyo


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