Edea Kramer

Final Fantasy VIII



Made in less than 24 hours the weekend before Youmacon, because several people on my Facebook page were talking about FF8. I would have liked to bring out Sorceress Edea again, but her headgear was damaged while I moved earlier this year, and I knew I couldn't redo it in time. On the other hand, the dress she wears as "Matron" is really simple, and I already had a long black wig for another costume I'm planning to do...

Acquired a plain sleeveless black dress from a thrift store for $1 - it was approximately 10 sizes too large for me, but easy to sew down the sides to tailor it to my body. Added the sleeves made of scrap fabric, fixed the closure in back (zipper didn't want to stay zipped), and found some shoes that were similar to hers but had rosettes on the toes - surprisingly difficult-to-remove rosettes, but they came off eventually. Then all I needed to do was secure the extremely long wig with about a dozen hairpins.

As always, akatonbo was willing to wrap some padding around herself and be my lovable chubby hubby. ;)


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Edea Kramer


Hopie Love it!