Frog / Glenn

Chrono Trigger



This costume was something I have always wanted to do, and I finally have the know how to make latex masks without too much headache. Then rest of the costume was very easy, sword is wooden, shields built from a round snow sled, and the armor, boots and gloves are made of leather.


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Created 8 years ago
Series Chrono Trigger
Character Frog / Glenn


RydiaValentine Best Frog ever! I'm going to cosplay Marle this year :D

Gummibar My childhood, it's returning to me! Truly magical. I love the craftsmanship and the material used to make this. Stunning as always.

Flamnery Awesome Frog cosplay!! The face is just epic. I love all those particulars, detailed cosplays are always the best, and yours is really perfect!!

Misaki Asamiya FROG! *O*

Lunairetic OH MY GOD I *LOOOVE* YOUR FROG COSPLAY!! *___* Frog is one of my favorite characters from Chrono Trigger, and is a dream cosplay of mine. You look flawless and I love how your mask turned out, it's the perfect blend of the artwork and his sprite without looking too "cartoon-y."

prince_izumi =___= epic as always XP