Omeganiferous as Sothe


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Cosplayer: Omeganiferous
My first costume ever, it's a bit of a Frankenstein and honestly a bit rough around the edges. But nonetheless I'm quite proud of it and I think I always will be, just cause I'm such a fan-boy for Fire Emblem.

The reason I call it a Frankenstein is because it's a combination of normal clothes that I bought and things that I had made because I don't know anything about costume-making. The pants and boots are stuff that I bought at a store, while all the buckles and the vest and cape are stuff that I had made.

The reason why I list it as only 90% done when I've already worn it before is because when I did wear it, I hairsprayed my hair green instead of buying a wig. A Google search would have told shown me all 5 million people who say this is a bad idea, but oh well, lesson learned. If I do ever wear it again (I'd like too for sure) I plan to get a wig this time.