Gloha_h as Catwoman



Ame Comi

Cosplayer: Gloha_h
I remember when the Ame Comi line of DC figures came out I adored them all! I especially loved the first version of Catwoman they had, but wasn't able to cosplay it. However, when the second version came out, I fell in love! I collected back issues of Catwoman when Jim Balent was the artist and appreciated that the Ame Comi artist used the original color purple in the figure.

Catwoman Costume: Top down....The wig is a pixie cut one from a previous cosplay. I created the blue clip in weft myself to resemble the figurine. The cap was drafted from a tutorial I found on the Red Headed Seamstresses website ( The bodysuit was made with Stretch and Sew pattern f845 from metallic styled stretch fabric I ordered online. I free drafted the belts and stitched them on. The zipper had the cloth sides trimmed off and was stitched on-it's non functional. The neck has snaps on the back that allow me in/out of the costume. The gloves were from Vogue Pattern 7949-adjust accordingly, it's for people with small twig arms! The boots were made from Sarcasm-hime's tutorial at: ( I glued on a silver strip on the boot to resemble the zipper....that was just a tad too complex for me to do!

I love how close to the figure I got! Although I had limited time, it came together quickly and rekindled my love for cosplay! If Ame Comi continues to make these beautiful figurines, I may have to do more of their cosplays!