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Revolutionary Girl Utena

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Decided pretty late that I'd be going to Otakon, so I had to choose a costume that wouldn't be super time consuming. Touga had been on my "to do" list for ages, plus I knew of a few other Utena cosplayers I'd be able to meet up with at the con. Also, my friend was willing to go as Miki if I made the costume for her. :)

I drafted the pattern for both the jacket and pants by taking patterns I'd made a couple years previously for a Zero(Vampire Knight) costume and changing the jacket collar and making everything a bit slimmer.

The pants have functional front pockets, a fly closure and belt loops, but due to time constraints(1 month to finish sewing/patternmaking/sourcing supplies for 2 costumes while working 45 hours a week with 1.5 hours daily commute time. yeah) none of the other pockets are functional.

The jacket is fully lined.

I made the epaulettes from several layers of craft foam glued together then painted gold and sealed with varnish. All of the other small gold accessories were made from sculpey and also painted and sealed.

I bought the wig from Arda(can't remember exactly which style, but I believe the color was cherry red). It was far longer than I needed it to be, so I had to trim away nearly 10 inches. The color was also slightly more orange than I had wanted, so I TRIED to dye it a tad darker with the FW ink method. It did work a bit, but the results weren't so drastic that I feel it was worth it...especially since the red ink residue rubbed off onto my jacket despite rinsing the wig until the water ran clear AND going back later and thoroughly shampooing the under layer of the wig to really make sure there would be no color transfer. :/

For the lighter section at the front I used the same dye I darkened the wig with on some white wefted extensions and sewed them in.


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