Yami Bakura




Wig: Used two white long wigs. I used one as a base and the other was cut up by wefts to cover the spkes. The spikes where made from hard felt as a base. Once the felt forms where finalized I glued them to the base wig at the top sections to later cover them with the hair from the base wig and the cut up wefts. All the hair on the spikes where secured with got2b hard gel and spray. For volume and length purposes I sow in the remaining of the gut wefts to the bottom part of the base wig.

Costume: All the pieces for this outfit where purchased and modified to fit.

Accessories: The Millennium ring was made from a wood ring and customized bead attachments. The center detail was sculpted with fix-it clay. Duel Disk was purchased and the card deck was intentionally built to match Bakura's original cards.

Comments: This costume was one of the easiest to put together since Bakura's clothes are not too complex. The most challenging part was the wig itself because I really wanted to give it that dimension it has in the anime.


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Yami Bakura
Variant Dark Bakura


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