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Went to LeakyCon as part of Lupin and Tonks duo, it was totally splendid! Worked like crazy to make our costumes, so I was really proud when we won best couple. Not going to lie, I spent more time on Lupin than Tonks, but I won't have any pictures of that until around Thanksgivingtime.

Undershirt - striped with masking tape and painted
Overshirt - sewn in the jankest manner possible (seriously, I kept my sewing machine and a table in my trunk to sew on my breaks at work. I used a pocket knife to cut things. This was the most cosplay cosplay that ever cosplay'd). Trousers - striped with masking tape and then painted.
Boots - used my femshep boots, which are becoming my everything boots.
Coat - The bane of my existence. It's still not good enough, I already have fabric for a new one.
Gloves - cut off fingers and made holey.
Necklace - Made in five seconds out of hemp and beads that I already had.
Wig - purchased from Took absolutely forever to get here, didn't make it in time for the con, but is definitely the best wig I've ever owned.
Wand - Purchased from the noble collection.

All in all, this was way more work than I planned on doing, but it was so much fun and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!


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Nickytea One of the best Tonks I've seen. Great attention to detail.

ranerdis Thanks!

sugarpunch18 Wow! You make a very good Tonks! :D