RydiaValentine as Rikku


Final Fantasy X-2

Trikini from the secret springs scene

Cosplayer: RydiaValentine
Photos by Aredhel Ringeril.

Making of process:

My first attempt on a trikini! I decided making this one since I love Rikku and her trikini looks challenging and beautiful ;)

I bought a piece of lycra for my Rikku's trikini and also used leftovers of yellow lycra from my Vanille cosplay. I also bought a piece of white lycra in order to made the center piece.

I used an old bikini as a pattern to draft the new pattern for the knickers part. I searched tips for sewing bikinis at Burda's website, http://www.burdastyle.com/blog/diy-your-swimsuit . The basics are: we can't sew lycra with cotton thread! I needed polyester or something similar in order to sew a trikini. It's important using the zigzag stitch. Don't use the straight stitch or the bikini's thread will break once you try it on! Zigzag will allow stretching. Also, remember making your bikini, trikini or complete bathsuit with double layer. This way, it won't get see-through while wet and the fabric will last more years.

For the bra part, I just cut two triangles and made two long strips, using my old bikini as a pattern. It's important you remove the lower strip from the bikini's bra you are using as a pattern, because each triangle needs to be bigger. I sew two strips of fabric onto the two tips of the triangles, tried it on and made a bow behind my neck. Then I made the middle parts taking my measures and cutting the white fabric with the proper form you can see in the reference images (which are two big triangles and two small rectangles). I tried on the trikini once it was finished so I could adjust it to myself tight. I also did the neck and closed it to one of the sides with two little metal hooks. I needed to iron the seams so the trikini would look better once worn.

Remember that the lycra can elongate a lot and you need it tight so it won't fall off. Here, a drawing to calculate the elongation of your elastic fabrics :D


I also used an old bead and painted it blue since one of the beads of my wig fall off the last time I cosplayed Rikku in 2009. Then I used a ball that I painted in white for Jose's Tidus in 2010 (which was never finished on time, poor Jose :( ). I painted the blue lines and the "blitzball" words in yellow, and also added half see-through balls I found for 50 cents on a party store called "Party Fiesta" (Yay! Years searching for them and I finally found them :D).