Red Robin

DC Comics



The cowl is made from a heavy black spandex, and I used heat shaped foam to form the nose and face section. I added in reflective lenses from a pair of sunglasses for the eyes.
The bandolier is black vinyl, and the emblem is craft foam, cardboard, hot glue and friendly plastic. The capsule things on the bandolier are nerf darts that had the ends cut off and then had the rounded bits attached.
The belt was a Batman costume belt that I modified by changing the snaps, adding some extra velcro and repainted.
The gloves and gauntlets are spandex with foam inside the wrist and fin areas to maintain their shape.
The suit itself is spandex, and done in two parts. The top and pants snap together, and the seam is hidden by the belt.
The boots were oddly enough "Gotham" style boots that i found online, but I sewed darts in the back so they would fit around my calves tighter.


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Character Red Robin


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